Dogshowentry.nl is a computerized and secure registration system that works with a portal. You will be asked to create a login and then enter the details of your dogs.
Each page includes an explanation (on page and/or under the button “click here for explanations.”)
You have access your details, add dogs etc. etc. at any time.
The first time entering the data takes a little longer, but you only have to enter your personal information one time.
Have you registered at “De Kerstshow” and/or “Winnershow” this year, then you can use this Login and Password to login and register.
Through this application, you can settle your payments online. ( iDeal, Bancontact, Sofort and Paypal)

If you have questions or suggestions, or if you need assistance, please call or e-mail us: Contact

  • After entering the online registration you will receive confirmation via e-mail.
  • If you have not received this then your registration / enrollment did not work correctly.
  • The registration will be open untill 15 January 2019.
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