Main Ring Judging

   Friday, February 2, 2018  
  Minor Puppy class  Mrs. L. Cox (IR)
  Puppy class  Mevr. L. de Ridder-Onghena (BE)
  Veteran class  Mr. P.F. Berchtold (AU)
  Brace class  Mevr. F. Lochs-Romans
  1 – Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)  Dhr. J. Schepers
  5 – Spitz and Primitive types  Dhr. J. Meijerink (DE)
  6 – Scenthounds and Related Breeds  Dhr. W. Wellens
  7 – Pointing Dogs  Mevr. H. Assenmacher-Feijel (DE)
   Saturday, February 3, 2018  
  Junior Handling  Mevr. C. Saes
  Minor Puppy class  Mr. J.R. Walsh jnr. (IR)
  Puppy class  Mevr. H. Assenmacher-Feijel (DE)
  Veteran class  Mr. G. Cox (IR)
  Brace class  Dhr. J. Schepers
  3 – Terriers  Mrs. L. Cox (IR)
  4 – Dachshunds  Mevr. R. Reyniers (BE)
  8 – Retrievers, Flushing Dogs, Water Dogs  Mr. P.F. Berchtold (AU)
  10 – Sighthounds  Dhr. Th. Leenen (BE)
   Sunday, February 4, 2018  
  Junior Handling  Mevr. C. Saes
  Minor Puppy class  Mevr. R. Reyniers (BE)
  Puppy class  Dhr. W. Wellens
  Veteran class  Mevr. I. Zwaartman-Pinster
  Brace class  Dhr. Th. Leenen (BE)
  2 – Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molossoid Breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs  Mevr. F. Lochs-Romans
  9 – Companion and Toy Dogs  Mr. G. Cox (IR)
  Best In Show  Mr. F.S.G. Janeiro (PO)